Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are enjoying having a bit of free time on your hands before everyone goes back to school and work. Every New Year I set myself a goal that I would like to complete that year and every year I have failed. So this year I have set myself little goals to complete every day of the year and here they are:

Spend More Time With The People That Make Me Happy: This includes friends, family and people I enjoy being around but most importantly spending time with my family and friends. This year I want to forget the people that don't make me happy and stop spending time with them and instead replace them with people that make me happy so I can be happy for as much of 2014 as possible.

Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down: I stress wayyy too much over little things that in the end mean nothing to me so in 2014 I want to stop letting these things effect me so much because 'life's short' so why should you waste it worrying about the little things in life?

Make More Commitments: Okay I'll admit it... I'm a commitment phobe. I will not commit to anything I will always leave events open so if I don't feel like doing whatever the event may be I don't have to. THIS IS BAD! This year I want to say yes to more things and go to things I would usually decline. Because as I've stated in the above paragraph LIFE IS SHORT so do as much as you can in to the amount of time you have.

Love Ellie xx

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