Friday, 13 December 2013

Favourite Winter Lipstick!

All year round I love lipstick SO much, I believe they really do complete a makeup look or an outfit. But if I had to choose only one season to wear lipstick for it would definitely be winter!

The reasons for this is that 'wintery' lipstick shades in my opinion are the prettiest. Secondly they are the perfect touch for the festive season. 

Any berry, wine, plum or dark pink coloured lipstick in my opinion looks perfect this season so I thought I'd show you my absolute favourite wintery coloured lipstick!

It is the 'Classic Rose' Stay Perfect Lipstick by No7. Now I don't usually buy lipsticks from No7 but when I was in boots I decided I would just have a poke about in their lipstick collection. I saw this colour and saw how pigmented it was so I knew I had to grab it! I love the colour so much it is an dark pinkish colour with sort of purple undertones. 
Even the packaging is so so so cute!

 During  the day time I apply just a medium amount to keep it understated but for the evening or if I am going to an event I will build up the colour and apply more of the product.

I'm not to sure if you can read that but
the end of the tube says 'Stay Perfect, Classic Rose.'

The camera does not do the colour of this lipstick
The only downside to this product is the actual shape of the lipstick so when I'm using it I just rub a little (or a lot depending on what look I'm going for) of it onto the M.A.C '316' lip brush and use the brush to fill in my lips!
M.A.C Lip Brush '316'

Where I can find featured products:
LIPSTICK: 'Stay Perfect Lipstick' in shade 'Classic Rose' by the brand No7. 
LIP BRUSH: The brush is a M.A.C lip brush in '316SE' I do not think they sell this specific brush anymore but I they do still sell the '316' lip brushes. 
CANDLE: The candle is a 'Apple Spice' scented candle from Asda. It smells SOO good and was something ridiculously cheap like £1.
Love Ellie xx

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